Affordable Strobe set for Olympus TG-5 camera & PT-058 underwater casing (Sea&Sea YS-03)

Sea&Sea YS-03 Strobe set

This post is continuous from my previous video on unboxing of PT-058 underwater camera casing for Olympus tough TG-5. As I bought this camera set (which was rated the best compact underwater camera in 2017) for underwater photography for my diving trips, I need to pair my Olympus TG-5 camera and PT-058 underwater casing set with a strobe set to get better exposure photos when deep down.  This strobe set is also compatible to any underwater camera casing with 1/4" screw.
My upcoming diving trip will be in Jun 18 in Sipadan, Tawau, East Malaysia so stay tuned for more video and photos after my trip. I am very excited to dive in Sipadan as it is rated one of the best diving sites in the world! For now, let’s enjoy my video on unboxing the Sea&Sea YS-03 Strobe set!
Underwater Strobe set with brackets and flexible arm: Sea&Sea YS-03. This strobe is an easy and versatile slave TTL (automatic) that is compatible with any camera with pre-flash. The auto function makes it easy for me when I am underwater, so that I can concentrate on capturing my target. This is good for a beginner like me as I do not need to be too busy adjusting to get a shot. However, I would want to upgrade to a manual strobe when I get more pro and comfortable when taking photography underwater. So for now, just a basic set to practice my skill and something that does not burn a hole in my pocket.
Package includes;
1) Sea&Sea YS-03 strobe with diffuser
2) Flexible arm & camera tray (tray can be extended for another flexible arm for future additional strobe)
3) Fiber optic cable II M/2 connectors
Batteries: 4 x AA Alkaline (approx. 230 flashes) or 4 x Ni-MH (2700mAh) (approx 330 flashes)
Beam Angle: 100 x 100 degrees / 105 x 105 degrees (with diffuser)
Recycle time: approx 2.5secs
Control & functions: Power switch (Off / TTL)
Depth rating: 75m (250ft)
Stay tune for my next video on my trip to Sipadan using the Sea&Sea YS-03 strobe set together with Olympus TG-5 and PT-058 underwater casing. If you like our topics, do subscribe to our blog for updates of new post.


  1. whats the cost damage done?
    Can use on TG-4 third party casing?
    I’m looking for strobe but cant afford the expensive equipment.

    • If you are using the PT-056 underwater camera housing, sure no problem. Since you are using the 3rd party casing, you have to check whether the bottom of the casing is for 1/4″ screw.

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