Unboxing of PT-058 underwater camera casing for Olympus tough TG-5

This post is continuous from my previous video on unboxing the Olympus tough TG-5. As I bought this camera (which was rated the best compact underwater camera in 2017) for underwater photography on my upcoming diving trips, I need to pair it with the PT-058 underwater camera casing. The PT-058 underwater camera casing will enabled me to dive as deep as 45m with the camera. My coming diving trip will be in Dec at the Similan Islands in Phuket, I am very excited to test the Olympus tough TG-5 camera and the PT-058 underwater casing for my first ever 4 days diving trip! For now, let's enjoy my video on unboxing the PT-058 underwater camera casing!
Underwater camera casing: Model PT-058 Check out my next video on the unboxing of the external strobe for PT-058 underwater casing and Olympus TG-5 camera. Sea&Sea YS-03 is a third party external strobe set which is affordable yet compatible with the Olympus TG-5 camera and PT-058 underwater casing.

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