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Travelling is something I love to explore and uniquely I love to travel alone. I am addicted to travelling alone after I made up my mind one day to do it in 2014. It is still fun and enjoyable to travel with my partner but there is an attraction to why travelling alone is so special and I will share them along the way through my blog post.

After each trip, I will include my special itinerary at the end for you to download for a mere US$1. The special itinerary will include more info/details which you can use as a reference for your trip. You will find the special itinerary very useful for your travel. Thank you for your donation as this will spear me on to write more post.

Other than travelling, I picked up 2 special hobbies which I love very much and would want do it whenever I have the opportunity.

First is flying a drone! This special machine really gives an absolute difference in the photo/video that can be taken when travelling. I will be sharing my photo/video from the drone in my blog post too. However some places are forbidden to fly and this has to be respected as we are in a foreign country. I will also share this info so that drone flyers will know the restricted zones before travelling to that country.

Second is diving! I just started this hobby and immediately fell in love with the special activities happening deep down the sea! I am still starting to learn from this new hobbies and will be sharing this lovely journey along my way.

As my blog name implies – travelflydive! “Travel” being travelling to different countries, “fly’ being flying this special machine – drone and “dive” being diving in different places! This sync with my logo, the paper plane¬†with my favorite color which signify travelling and the 3 icons (camera, diver, drone) which signify the topics which I will be writing on.

I have created this blog from using the wordpress builder. For affordable packages on hosting and domain, click on my link here and get an instant US$5 discount for new sign up.  Promotion for starter package with both hosting and domain is less than US$10 (while stock last).

Some of the links on my blog are affiliate links and it does not cost you anything to click. The advertisers will pay me for promoting for them. In fact, you can save on the discounted rates from some of my recommended links. Thank you for helping me and in turn I can continue to write more on my blog to help more readers.

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